Having a Will professionally prepared is one of the most important tasks you will ever need to do.

This is an important document designed to protect our families and loved ones, yet so many of us put it off by saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But what if tomorrow never comes?

While your loved ones are having to cope with feelings of loss, shock and grief, they could also be left to pick up the financial pieces if you die ‘intestate’ (without leaving a Will).

The advantages of having a Will are:

  • Offers you reassurance
  • Avoids disputes between relatives
  • Takes care of your loved ones
  • Can save on Inheritance Tax
  • Let’s people know your funeral wishes

Updating your current Will & Inheritance Planning

Financial circumstances can change unexpectedly, so it is essential that you keep your Will updated and in line with your needs.

If you’re not sure of your current situation, use the contact form to arrange a no obligation review.

* The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate wills and probate.